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Technical Maintenance
of Aircrafts and Its Components

of Russian and Foreign Production

Types of Maintained Aircrafts and Geographical Presence

RRJ-95 / Sukhoi Superjet

Engine: SaM-146

APU: Honeywell RE220

Boeing 737- 300/400/500

Engine: CFM56

APU: GTCP 85-129 and APS2000

Boeing 737- 600/700/800/900

Engine: CFM56

APU: AE131-9B

Boeing 767-

Engine: GE CF6

APU: GTCP 331-200

We specialize in dealing with the above-mentioned aircrafts, but we are ready to provide services to any aircrafts of our client.

About Us

AviaComplex is a modern company that provides services of aircraft technical maintenance and repair on the territory of the Russian Federation. It was founded in August 2021, and now the team includes 367 highly qualified professionals with different areas of expertise.

The company functions on the territory of JSC “Vnukovo International Airport” and JSC “VARZ-400”, and we are able to quickly open a new line maintenance station to meet a customer’s needs. We have a FAP-285-21-071 certificate that allows us to perform aircraft technical maintenance. 

Flexible solutions during MRO

FAP-285-21-071 certificate

Established supply chains of aviation parts

Short terms of technical maintenance passage

Hangar 3

Narrow-body aircraft — 1 

Hangar 5-1

Narrow-body aircrafts — upto 4
Wide-body aircraft — 1 

Hangar 5-2

Narrow-body aircrafts — upto 3
Wide-body aircraft — 1 

Hangar 6-1

Narrow-body aircrafts — 2 

Hangar 6-2

Narrow-body aircrafts — 2
Wide-body aircraft — 1 

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